When was the last time you had your LEV Systems COSHH Tested?

If it’s been over a year since your last LEV Test then we strongly suggest you act quickly and book us in to test and assess your LEV Systems to make certain your employees stay safe and that your business complies with the law. LEV COSHH Testing is a legal requirement in the UK.

LEV testing from Vent-Tech's engineers can spot and diagnose blocked ducting, damaged ventilation hoods, worn filters or poorly operating discharge stacks, the type of damage typically causing a “lack of control”.

In the event of any failure of your equipment our experienced and P601, 602 and 604 qualified LEV engineers can offer you realistic, cost effective solutions, ensuring your business is not at risk of falling foul of HSE fines or, worse, a potential jail term.

LEV Testing being carried out by a Qualified Engineer

We can ensure your equipment is up to the correct standard, provide you time saving repairs or replacement and  issue a LEV Report showing compliance (which we can hold on your behalf with our LEV Vault service).

With current hourly HSE rates set to £175 per hour for time on site AND reporting time, their fines can cost your business thousands and that is on top of any rectifications you would have to make to your LEV ventilation equipment.

To avoid this potentially costly scenario simply contact Vent-Tech's testing team on 01179 712163 and let us show you how our professional team can protect you and your business.


Recent Client Testimonial:

"We have been very happy with the work that Vent-Tech has carried out at the Royal Mint. In particular the level of professionalism they have shown has been high, and we really value the level of advice we receive about practical improvements that can be made to the systems"
Kevin Chamberlain, The Royal Mint


More Information on LEV Testing and Requirements

LEV systems are designed to protect workers from hazardous dust and fumes.  To ensure that the systems are functioning correctly they need regular LEV testing by a qualified person.

This requirement to protect workers is a legal requirement - as Regulation 9 of the COSHH Regulations state:

Every employer who provides any LEV to meet the Regulations shall ensure:

“... it is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order, in good repair and in a clean condition.” - Regulation 9 -1 COSHH.

UK regulations are also clear about the frequency that the systems need to be tested. Employers must ensure that thorough examination and testing of their ‘protective’ LEV is carried out at least every 14 months (unless otherwise stipulated).


LEV COSHH Testing – a Thorough Examination and Test is Required

The HSE describes a thorough examination and LEV test as a 'detailed and systematic examination....carried out by a person who is competent and able to make an objective assessment of the LEV'


A better qualified and experienced LEV Testing Team

The most basic level of qualification an individual needs to test LEV systems and the one most companies will claim to have is the P601 - Thorough Examination & Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems

However what this qualification does not cover in any detail is the design of LEV systems - the knowledge of which we feel is essential to be able to provide recommendations for improvement should a system fail.

This is why Vent-Tech engineers are P601 and P602 qualified and members of ILEVE and our LEV commissioning engineers also hold the new advanced P604 qualified (Performance Evaluation and Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems). 

The relevance of all of this is that, at Vent-Tech, we don't just pass or fail your system - instead we take it one step further and in the event of failing a LEV COSHH Test, you will be given the reasons for the failure and what you need to do to put it right.

We have been testing LEV systems for over 10 years across Bristol and the UK, and with loyal customers including The Royal Mint and Network Rail we are recognised for our expertise and reliability 

Get easy access to all your LEV documents

Many of our customers have a number of LEV systems which require testing - and that can potentially lead to a lot of paper. In order to help out our loyal testing clients we have introduced the 'LEV Vault' where we will store all your LEV related documents on our system - accessible via a password so you can get hold of them when ever and where ever you are. Free to contract clients, this service can also be used by our other clients for a small fee.

To arrange LEV Testing for your site or workshop please call Vent-Tech on 0117 964 7945 today.