Multiple IRMA's for a Biomass Boiler company


Mi-Generation installs and services biomass boilers in industrial companies. Such companies can benefit from claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is a government payment to businesses that switch to heat produced by biomass. This was set up to help the government meet its commitment to produce 15% of our energy from renewable sources by 2020.

It is a requirement that if biomass boiler installations have underground pipework then there must be an independent report to confirm that everything has been installed properly and is in working order – this is called an IRMA (Independent Report on Metering Arrangements).

Following a web search around a year ago, Jo contacted Vent-Tech and after a visit from Adrian Sims she asked Vent-Tech to carry out an IRMA for a biomass boiler that they had installed.


Mi-Generation were very pleased with the report they received from Vent-Tech and found them very easy to work with on that first project – so asked them to do the next one and the next..

To date Vent-Tech have conducted more than 20 IRMA’s for Mi-Generation with more in the pipeline.

“ "Ever since the first project, working with Vent-Tech has been a pleasure. The reports are good and comprehensive, and this is coupled with the fact that the team at Vent-Tech are great. I have their mobile numbers and they are always responsive and willing to help – and from a personal point of view I get on really well with them too. I am 100% happy with both the work they have done for me and the relationship I have with them"”

Jo Hoskings, RHI Administrator, Mi-Generation

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