How does it all work?

Evaporative cooling works by drawing a constant flow of fresh air over water-saturated pads.

As the water evaporates from the pads, it removes the heat from the air. Not only does this act as a ‘chiller’, it also filters dust and pollen from the air, ensuring a breath-easy atmosphere.

This air is cooled before being pumped into a building. Simultaneously, warm air is vented from the building, allowing the cooled fresh air to circulate inside.

  • Uses water as its cooling agent, rather than potentially harmful chemical refrigerants= full marks for its environmental credentials.
  • Uses on average 80% less energy than traditional air conditioning, making it incredibly cost effective to run.
  • A single unit is sufficient for up to 360 square metres of space
  • It can lower temperature by up to 15°C depending on humidity (in the UK, 8-10°C is most often achieved)

Vent-Tech’s cooling systems from EcoCooling

Our cooling units introduce fresh, ambient air through externally mounted wetted pads. These also filter the incoming air to maintain excellent hygiene standards throughout your building.

Our EcoCooling systems feature filter pads that are kept saturated with water. An axial fan draws air through the pads, and this air is then cooled and pumped into a room via an air distribution system. The air is cooled as it loses the heat required to evaporate the water, then passed through an insect screen, ensuring that insects do not enter the cooled room. Only pure water is evaporated from the pads, and the water is drained on a regular basis to stop salts accumulating.

How Vent-Tech cooling benefits you

  • Save money up front – with reduced installation costs compared to air conditioners in many cases.
  • Go green – it is environmentally friendly, containing no CFCs.
  • Breathe easy – it provides constant fresh air ventilation, not recirculated stale air.
  • Easy to use – it can be used with roller shutter doors and windows open.
  • Lower utility bills – it consumes approximately 80% less power than air conditioning.
  • Precise cooling – it has superb spot-cooling capability.
  • Don’t break your concentration – with quiet operation.

Cooling performance

In the UK during a typical hot period, the ambient temperature approaches 30°C.  This coincides with a relative humidity of under 50%.  As the air passes over the pads it will typically cool down to about 22°C.  There is less cooling in the night as the temperatures reduce and the humidity rises.

The performance of our evaporative cooling systems depends on outside humidity levels. The chart below shows the reductions that you can expect to achieve. In high summer, the humidity rates during the daytime are typically about 30% – 35%. This gives a reduction of about 8°C to 10°C. This can be higher still if humidity rates are lower.

The system can also be used during the winter months without the cooling. This will continue introducing fresh air to the environment.

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