Effective Dust and Fume Extraction Systems Designed & Installed

The dust and fume extraction equipment and systems we design and install for our clients enable them to:

  • Reduce dust & fumes that can impact employee health

  • Improve employee wellbeing – and increase productivity

  • Meet health & safety obligations

  • Reduce the level (& cost) of personal protection equipment (PPE)

  • Enhance finished goods’ cleanliness & quality

  • Reduce explosion risks (Click here to watch this video!)

Every system we provide is guaranteed both to improve your environment and to meet or exceed all HSE requirements. We also ensure the system is commissioned and that you have all the necessary documentation required to keep it running safely. The guarantee is something that is often overlooked during the tendering process, but is something we firmly believe that companies should look more carefully at during the tendering process. For a summary of what you should be looking for companies to guarantee, please click here.

Industry Knowledge

We work with companies in a variety of industries to help ensure they have safe, effective fume and dust extraction systems.  In particular we offer high levels of expertise in:

  • The Food Industry. With clients like Aunt Bessies and Premier foods we well understand the hazardous dust and fumes which can be caused by the manufacturing processes and the importance of reducing cross contamination etc. 

  • The Chemical Industry. With clients including the Royal Mint - we are experts in ensuring the correct materials are used, that extraction systems are ATEX compliant and the leak proof ducting is used where required to prevent hazardous chemicals escaping.

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry - Here our clients include the pharmaceutical manufacturer Perrigo. With dusts from the manufacture of pharmaceutical products being extremely hazardous to health, it is vital that appropriate extraction solutions are installed so they don't come into contact with people.

Vent-Tech: Quality Assured Fume and Dust Extraction Systems Reducing the Risks

HSE regulations require that the installation of dust and fume extraction systems protects employees – for more information, see our helpful downloads page.

As an independent design and installation company in the UK, Vent-Tech works with several preferred extraction equipment suppliers. Our system recommendations are always based on your needs and HSE regulations, not on what is available from an individual supplier.

With all dust and fume extraction systems we offer the following:

1. Benchmark performance guarantees
2. User training on system operation & service checks
3. Full documentation including:
    i. Equipment operation & maintenance manuals
   ii. Commissioning reports
  iii. User manuals & log books

To learn more about how Vent-Tech's systems can safely improve your company workplace, please fill in the contact form on the right. We will come back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements - or feel free to call us on 0117 964 7945.