Are your Systems Safely Extracting Grinding Dust?

Grinding dust is likely to be found wherever angle grinding, metalwork, welding or moulding processes are undertaken.  Industries where this type of dust is typically often found include:

1. Aerospace
2. Car body shops
3. General metalworking

Vent Tech's Grinding Dust Extractors offer a Cost Effective Solution

Grinding dust generated by power tools such as angle grinders can be very dangerous to your health, especially stainless steel, beryllium or parts used in nuclear systems. These materials require careful control and extraction to avoid any risks from grinder dust being inhaled by people in the building.

A grinding booth generally offers the greatest level of control, however this is not always practical due to the nature of the work being undertaken. On-tool Extraction Systems provide a good alternative for the safe collection and extraction of dust and can take the form of either a centralized fixed or portable collector.

The team at Vent-Tech always undertake to find you the most practical and cost effective solution to removing grinding dust, taking in full account of HSE recommendations and YOUR system requirements. Call us on 0117 9712163 for more information.