Fume Extraction

The right equipment can help minimise employee health risks from solder & welding fumes

Your company is legally responsible for employee health and safety, including fume-related issues. Vent-Tech can help with the expert design and installation of fume extraction equipment, to reduce any risks posed by solder or welding fumes. We also help you make your business fully compliant with HSE Laws.

Process-generated fumes from activities such as welding or soldering can pose serious health risks; particularly respiratory problems. There are many well-documented cases of employers paying substantial compensation to settle employee claims. The risks to your people and your business can be minimised or removed by ensuring your industrial fume extraction systems and other associated equipment are up to the job!

Harmful fumes are often found where:

1. Cleaning processes take place (e.g. food factories)
2. There are access hatches to mixing and blending vessels
3. There are chemical dip tanks (e.g. pickling tanks)
4. Vehicles are used
5. Welding, soldering or brazing takes place

We have successfully installed bespoke fume extraction systems to remove dangerous fumes to workers such as:

  • Solvents
  • Lead
  • Formaldehyde

Highly experienced in installing the correct extraction equipment, Vent-Tech are experts in this field and have many satisfied clients including The Royal Mint and Network Rail.

Vent-Tech extraction solutions all come with industry leading  performance guarantees and meet all relevant HSE regulations.  Please have a look at this blog for more infomation about why getting the right guarantee is so important and what you should be looking for. Please also see our downloads page for more details. about HSE regulations.

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