Removing Soldering and Brazing Fumes Safely

Soldering and brazing, like welding, are used to attach components together. In the case of soldering a typical example would be soldering components onto a circuit board (including flow solder machines), with plumbing workshops often using brazing to join copper pipes together.

Solder is used in both soldering and brazing and it is the chemicals in these solder fumes (Rosin) that can cause particular health problems - in particular Rosin is harmful to unborn babies and can cause asthma in adults. Vent-Tech can help you protect your employees by the installation of soldering fume extraction systems and products.

If you are in any doubt whether this is required, read the case study:

With no Solder Fume Extraction operation in place...

An employee developed occupational asthma after working for a large multi-national company in Gloucester. He was employed between 1995 and 2004 as a solderer and was regularly exposed to rosin based (colophony) solder fume during his career. His health was deteriorating from 1999 onwards and he was taking time off work due to breathing difficulties.

HSE Investigation

The company did not have adequate control measures in place and failed to install solder fume extraction equipment to remove rosin based fumes from the workroom air or from the breathing zones of its solderers.

The company did not substitute the rosin based solder with rosin-free solder until December 2003, despite an assessment having identified the need to in 1999. Employees, including the asthma suffer were not placed under a health surveillance scheme at any time.


As a result of action taken by HSE the company was fined £100,000 with £30,000 costs. This attracted local and national media attention.


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