Extraction and Safe Ventilation of Welding Fumes

Are you removing fumes safely away during welding?

Welding is common in a wide variety of UK industries, from car production to construction, and can be hazardous for workers in a number of ways - not least of which being that welding fumes can be responsible for a variety of respiratory diseases.

At Vent-Tech, we are extremely aware of the problems caused, and the need for correctly installed and working welding fume extractors and systems.  Following a site survey, we would put forward a recommendation on the appropriate technology and extractors you and your welders would need would be and how it should be correctly installed.  Naturally we always ensure this is fully consistent with current COSHH regulations.

HSE Information About Welding Fumes:

“Studies have shown there is a link between welding and respiratory ill health.”

“Breathing in welding fumes can lead to some serious diseases, fume extraction is often needed to suck fumes away from the welder and others nearby.”

“By far the main cause of COPD is smoking but research suggests occupational exposures are likely to play a role.”

“If you work in the welding industry and are also a smoker, any risk of getting COPD is likely to be increased even more.”

“Welding fume can also cause fume fever and pneumonia.”

“The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations require employers to control exposures to hazardous substances to protect employees' health.”
“Employers must assess the risk of exposure (exposure means taking in chemicals by breathing in, by skin contact or by swallowing).”


The HSE has the power to serve an improvement notice to companies requiring them to reduce exposure to welding fumes or face legal action.

We at Vent-Tech can ensure you avoid this tricky situation by advising you on the importance of safely extracting and ventilating welding fumes and what is required by your company.

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