Education - Keeping Your Staff and Students Safe

A Responsibility to your Staff and Students

Schools and colleges have a responsibility to keep their students, technicians and teachers safe and may require dust and fume extraction in a number of different areas:

1. School Science Laboratory Equipmentoften have fume cupboards, from which fumes need to be extracted safely and serviced regularly, to prevent filters being saturated and chemicals being released back into the environment

2. Where college students are undertaking metalwork, the brazing hearth will need venting efficiently, and where there is welding, welding fumes need to be removed

3. Similarly with woodwork, it is vital that students are protected by extraction of wood dust

Vent-Tech have worked with a number of schools and colleges including the City of Bristol College, to ensure the safety of their pupils.  If you would like to check whether you require a new or replacement extraction system, then please contact us and we would be happy to meet you to discuss your particular requirements.