Dust Extraction Systems for the Food Manufacturing Industry

Requirements for Dust and Fume Extraction in the Food Industry

Food factories may require both commercial dust & fume extraction depending on the particular foods being manufactured.

Food manufacturers using powders of any kind (for example flour in baking) will require industrial dust extraction systems for their factories for a number of reasons:

  • Food dust has an explosive nature and if it is not controlled properly in an industrial premises there is a risk of ignition and explosion. Examples of explodable dusts in food industries include materials such as: flour, custard powder, instant coffee, sugar, dried milk, potato powder and soup powder.
  • There is also the danger to workers of inhaling large amounts of airborne food dust particles which is hazardous to their health. To eliminate this risk, employers must adhere to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).
  • Another reason is the risk of cross contamination in the factory or bakery - which can reduce the quality of finished products.
  • Additionally because of the high level of cleanliness required in food factories and bakeries, it is common for fume extraction systems to be needed due to the fumes from the chemicals used in cleaning food manufacturing equipment.

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Sieve Extracting Dust from Aunt Bessies Weighing Booth for Food Dust Extraction of Food Dust in situ

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