The Importance of Effective Pharmaceutical Dust Extraction Systems

By-products, such as dust, from the manufacture of pharmaceutical products can be extremely hazardous to health, so it is vital that appropriate extraction solutions are installed to reduce the risks of harmful pharmaceutical based substances coming into contact with people.

Vent-Tech Experience Within the Sector

Vent-Tech has expertise of working with Pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Perrigo and have a good understanding of the types of risks involved and how to use dust technology to reduce them. 

All pharmaceutical Dust and Chemical Fume Extractor Solutions that Vent-Tech provides offer the following, so you can be sure that you are safeguarding your manufacturing plant or factory to the best of your ability:

1. BENCHMARK guarantees of performance
2. User training and regular service checks under our optional service contract
3. Full documentation including:

  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Commissioning reports
  • User manuals & Log books containing all the information on the installed extraction system


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