The importance of ventilation system maintenance & dust and fume extraction servicing

To ensure the smooth operation of any item of plant, it is imperative to carry out routine system maintenance to pre-empt any issues and minimise the risk of breakdowns to safe ventilation of dust and fumes.

When considering whether to take out a service contract, it's worth thinking about what would happen if the system failed:

• Would you need to shut down your production line/plant?
• What would be the cost of shutting it down for a day, or even just an hour?

If a system failure would cost you dearly, then taking out a maintenance service contract with Vent-Tech can give you peace of mind that a system breakdown is far less likely than if it is properly maintained.

Additionally it is your legal and moral responsibility as an employer to keep your employees safe, and a ventilation maintenance service contract with Vent-Tech will help to ensure that your extraction system is functioning properly and not putting your employees at risk.


Do I need regular maintenance / servicing if my system is COSHH tested?

While a COSHH test can tell you what is wrong with a system, regular LEV servicing maintains the system so that it runs effectively, so for example cleaning out ducting, greasing bearings etc..
To use a car analogy, a COSHH test is like an MOT which will tell you what's wrong, whilst a service keeps your vehicle running properly.

Like with an MOT, we would suggest you service your ventilation system prior to a COSHH test, which means any problems will have been picked up and fixed prior to the test itself - avoiding the risk of a costly re-test.