Vent-Tech Evaporative Cooling Systems

Gain the Benefits of Evaporative Air Cooling

Save money and carbon emissions by cooling your building using Vent-Tech's innovative Eco-Cooling Systems

Vent-Tech's Evaporative Cooling systems offer your business a series of compelling benefits when compared to equivalent air-conditioning solutions:

  • Save an average 90% on running costs
  • Eliminate use of refrigerant gases
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Access favourable loans and funding
  • Improve corporate environmental credentials

Natural Advantages

Evaporative cooling is an innovative, natural and highly efficient way of cooling the workplace. Vent-Tech systems do away with the refrigerant gases used in air conditioning systems. They are perfectly suited to a variety of work environments, from data centres to manufacturing sites.

Save 90% on Your Running Costs

Cooling large workplaces with traditional air-conditioning systems is an expensive business. Evaporative cooling systems reduce running costs by an average 90%, and lower carbon emissions too. Our systems are so efficient they produce 35KW of air cooling for every 1.5KW of electricity consumed.

How Evaporative Air Cooling Works

Evaporative Air Cooling can help prevent heat building up in your premisesUnlike air conditioning systems that use re-circulated air, evaporative cooling systems circulate cool fresh air through a building, and force out stale hot air. Fresh air from outside is cooled by passing it over water, and is then directed around a building by a fan. Humidity and temperature are accurately controlled.



Watch our Eco Cooling Animated Demonstration Video


To see animations demonstrating how Vent-Tech's evaporative air cooling solutions work in different environments, click here to see how they work in data centres and here to see how they work in factories.


Uniquely Designed Systems to Reflect H&S Regulations

Vent-Tech eco cooling systems are uniquely designed to reflect European Health and Safety regulations. We have over a decade’s experience installing these eco solutions, and we are often contracted for the maintenance of pre existing systems.

Access Industry Loans and Funding for Evaporative Air Cooling

Many SMEs can obtain low interest Carbon Trust loans, or IYRE (improve your resource efficiency) funding to enable the installation of evaporative cooling systems. Repayments are made from the savings in running costs. See our Industries and Sectors pages for more information.

For more information on having evaporative air cooling installed please call us on 0117 964 7945.