Alternative to Industrial Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioning uses a number of fans as well as refridgerant gases to achieve the desired air temperature. In comparison, Vent-Tech's evaporative cooling systems use just one fan to draw the hot air across water on the way in and one to vent the hot stale air on the way out - achieving cooling with a much reduced requirement for electricity.

Evaporative Cooling Vs Air Conditioning 

The energy saving, environmentally friendly air conditioning alternative

In many circumstances, Vent-Tech’s evaporative cooling solutions provide a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to industrial air conditioning systems.

The key differences between conventional air conditioning and the evaporative air cooling we install are neatly summarised here:

Evaporative Air Cooling Conventional Air Conditioning
Uses 90% less electricity than conventional air conditioning High electrical use due to refrigerant circuit compressor, fans and control systems
No refrigerants used Uses environmentally damaging refrigerants
Supplies 100% fresh cooled air Provides mainly (80-85%) recycled air
Low carbon dioxide footprint High carbon dioxide footprint
Performance improves at high temperatures Performance reduces at high temperatures


Greener Air Conditioning - it's simple...

The eco cooling systems Vent-Tech installs are much simpler than traditional industrial air conditioning systems. Because they have far fewer moving parts, they need much less electricity to run them.

Our solutions utilise the air from outside, and only actively cool it when necessary – unlike standard air conditioning, which generally runs all the time to maintain a constant temperature.

The Bottom Line: a better, lower cost working environment

Vent-Tech helps organisations to improve their working environment, save running costs (typically 90% saving on running costs versus standard air conditioning), and slash their carbon footprint by a substantial amount.

A comparison of the cost and electricity usage for a 'typical' system is shown below. Alternatively, if you have the figures for the electricity use and running cost for your current system, please click through here for an estimate of how much money you could save by replacing it with a Vent-Tech evaporative cooling system.

Comparative costs and Consumption of a Typical Evaporative Cooling System vs Air Conditioning


The table below shows the comparative costs /carbon usage for a 100kW server room – based on pricing of 8p/kWhr and 0.53702 kg/CO₂ per kWhr:

  Vent-Tech CREC CRAC with Free Cooling CRAC
CoP 23.8 3.7 2.0
Power  Consumed KW 4.2 27 50
Annual Electricity Use kWhr 36,792 236,757 438,000
Additional Electricity Vs CREC   +199,965 kWhr +401,208 kWhr
Annual Electricity Cost £2943 £18,940 £35,040
Total Carbon (tonnes) 19.8 127.1 235.2


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