Air Cooling Systems Designed & Installed for the Industrial Sector

Why cool your workplace with evaporative cooling?

Industrial air cooling systems effectively counter the challenges posed by hot working environments in manufacturing plants and other similar buildings.  Vent-Tech's systems can:

• Lower the risk of accidents
• Increase productivity
• Minimise human error
• Reduce absenteeism

Low Overhead, Low Carbon

Vent-Tech installs low overhead, low carbon industrial air cooling systems for an array of commercial and industrial premises. Data centres / server computer rooms are a notable growth sector, due to the huge cost savings and carbon emission reductions our evaporative air conditioning systems deliver.

We have undertaken cooling installation projects in numerous industrial sectors and scenarios; please feel free to visit the relevant pages below for more information:

• Data Centres
• Manufacturing 
• Offices 
• Gyms 
• Education 

Please call to discuss your requirements on any aspect of indutrial cooling without the expense or ask us for a free quote today on 0117 9712163