Cost Effective Alternatives to Air Conditioning


Vent-Tech designs and installs school cooling systems that simultaneously resolve many of the challenges faced in educational environments.

High temperatures cause student and staff discomfort, but refrigeration based air conditioning systems can be costly to install and run. Additionally, they re-circulate stale air which exacerbates drowsiness. Air conditioning systems also have a significant carbon impact, which schools and colleges are keen to minimise, particularly if they are teaching students about environmental issues.

Eco Cooling Solutions for Schools and Colleges

Our school eco-cooling solutions offer significant advantages compared to refrigeration based air conditioning:

• Effective cooling at a fraction of the cost
• A constant supply of fresh, cool air
• Massive (85%+) energy savings and reduced carbon impact
• Doors and windows can be left open as desired
• Simple solutions for very large spaces


If you are looking to save costs, ensure a greener approach and keep students comfortable with eco cooling for schools please talk to our team today on 0117 9712163