Gym Cooling Solutions

Your gym members expect a comfortable space to exercise in, making a Vent-Tech gym ventilation cooling system a critical business asset.

Comfortable, cool gym temperature for members

Cooling is almost constantly required, making a gym a costly business for the owners. Vent-Tech’s gym cooling solutions can save you thousands of pounds in electricity costs, compared to running a comparable air conditioning system.

The Fresh Air Feeling

Keeping the termperature in your Gym to a cool setting

There’s more to Vent-Tech’s gym cooling systems than incredible savings on running costs. Our systems circulate fresh air, enhancing the environment for members. It’s a noticeable improvement over traditional air conditioning for several reasons:

• Fresh, not recycled air

• Greater air movement

• More effective venting of odours

• Considerable Cost Reductions

Gym ventilation systems installed by Vent-Tech ensure a constant movement of air, while the cooling function is only activated when the ambient temperature dictates. Your members will love it, and your accountant will approve too!

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