Experience and Qualifications

 A highly experienced LEV team

The proper installation of an LEV system will safeguard the health of your employees. It is a very technical area of expertise and the requirements on businesses are highly regulated, so if you are choosing a company to design and install a system you need to be sure that they have the required qualifications and experience.

All Vent-Tech's design, testing and commissioning engineers are BOHS (British Occupation Hygiene Society) qualified with the complete suite of BOHS qualifications (see below) within the team and Adrian Sims (our Managing Director) lectures on BOHS courses as well as sitting on the ILEVE steering committee. Between the team, we have many years of experience within the sector and are constantly undergoing further training to ensure that we keep our knowledge fresh and up to date.

What qualifications should you look for in an LEV company?

The most basic of the BOHS qualifications is P601 which is a 1 week course to enable engineers to test LEV systems.  You will find that most companies will have someone qualified to this level, but it is a basic course and we firmly believe that it is not enough to be only qualified to this level if you are designing and installing LEV systems. 

At Vent-Tech we hold all the following qualifications within the team, which means we are fully qualified to provide you with detailed design advice and recommendations:

  • P601 - Thorough Examination & Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems
  • P602 - Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems
  • P603 - Control of Hazardous Substances - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • P604 - Performance Evaluation and Management of LEV Systems - including the commissioning of LEV systems
  • CoC Control - Certificate of Competency and Control of Hazardous Substances - This is a combination of all the above qualifications followed by a professional interview.

Our managing director Adrian Sims is currently the only person in the country holding the CoC and the BOHS's Faculty of Occupational Hygiene's Specialist Member Grade for LEV - but we think (and hope) that it will become the minimum standard companies should look for in the future to ensure they are working with companies who can guarantee that the LEV system they are designing/installing will effectively protect their workers health and meet all government regulations.

We would advise that before you employ a company to design a LEV system for you that you question them about what qualifications they have - because you don't want to be in the position of having to get the system re-designed in the future, which unfortunately is what we have had to do for some of our current clients who had their original systems designed and installed elsewhere.

Using our influence to help raise standards across the industry

Vent-Tech is working with the BOHS and ILEVE to raise standards within the industry. 

At the moment there is no consistent standard that all companies work to and this is putting people's lives at risk. We feel that this is an unacceptable situation, so we are lobbying to introduce standards where LEV systems should control to 1/10th of WEL where possible. These are the standards we work to - if everyone did the same we would not be seeing thousands of deaths per year due to cancer caused be exposure to every day substances such as silica, diesel engine exhaust, and mineral oils.

Even once systems are installed, the situation in the UK re testing is very poor with:

  • 60% of LEV systems not thoroughly examined and tested
  • 60% of those that are tested are not tested competently
  • 60% of LEV systems are not checked or maintained

​Again we are doing what we can to raise awareness of the importance of thorough testing, and training to meet HSE standards.

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