Experts in producing home user guides

When selling a new house, the developer needs to produce a home user guide. These educate the buyer as to how to operate their new home efficiently, and ultimately enjoy living in it. It will also serve as a guide to the local area.

Whilst often outside the core skillset of a construction company, producing a useful home user guide will be really appreciated by the buyer. It will reflect well on your company and ensure the purchaser gets off to the best of starts in their new home.

An experienced partner for producing your home user guides

We are trusted by major housing developers like Barratt Homes to produce home user guides. We have extensive experience and knowledge of what home builders like to provide to buyers, but we also have a flexible approach. We will listen to your precise requirements and implement them in your home user guide.

We recognise that as well as producing a high-quality home user guide, we are also here to free up your time and resources. So we will work efficiently with your building contractors to make the whole process simple and easy for you.

Producing a home user guide you can be proud of

A good home user guide will include a wide variety of information about the home, user manuals for white goods, certificates for gas and electric installations and a copy of the energy performance (EPC) certificate.

Home user guides will also include information on:

  • The new home and the environmental features.
  • The energy efficiency of the house.
  • Water-saving measures.
  • Recycling and waste.
  • Emergency information.
  • Public transport.
  • Responsible purchasing.

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