A cost-effective, low carbon solution

Vent-Tech evaporative cooling systems are ideal for businesses in many sectors bringing the benefits of low overheads to help your budgets, and low carbon to boost your green credentials.

To understand if Vent-Tech could provide a cost-effective cooling system for your offices, gym or school please give us a call on 0117 964 7945 or fill in the contact form below.

Other industries which can benefit from evaporative cooling include

  • Offices – increase productivity and enhance your workplace environment.
  • Gyms – slash cooling costs whilst improving the ambience.
  • Education – create a comfortable space for you students and teaching staff.

Office cooling systems

High office temperatures are more than just unpleasant for your workforce. They can lead to lower productivity, greater absenteeism and more mistakes. Fortunately, as office cooling suppliers, Vent-Tech can help.

Whereas installing and running traditional air-conditioning is expensive and harmful to the environment, our office cooling systems:

  • Maintain a reasonable temperature for employees
  • Make the environment more comfortable and productive, introducing fresh (not re-circulated) air
  • Ensure offices meet building regulations concerning the minimum fresh air supply

Office temperatures - The law

Maximum office temperatures are not specified under UK law. However, The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 suggest that everything possible should be done to keep temperatures ‘reasonable’ where people are working for more than a very short period.

Efficiently cooling large, open plan offices

Vent-Tech specialise in office cooling systems that meet the needs of businesses with larger spaces, and open plan environments like call centres. Here, our office cooling systems provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. We’re expert at making these systems aesthetically pleasing.

Gym cooling solutions

Your gym members expect a comfortable space to exercise in, making a Vent-Tech gym ventilation cooling system a valuable business asset.

Cooling is almost constantly required, contributing a significant cost to running a gym. Vent-Tech’s gym cooling solutions can save you thousands of pounds in electricity costs, compared to running a comparable air conditioning system.

That fresh air feeling

There’s more to Vent-Tech’s gym cooling systems than the incredible savings on the running costs. Our systems circulate fresh air, enhancing the environment for members. It’s a noticeable improvement over traditional air conditioning for several reasons:

  • Breathe fresh (not recycled) air
  • Feel greater air movement
  • Benefit from more effective venting of odours
  • Achieve considerable cost reductions

Gym ventilation systems installed by Vent-Tech ensure a constant movement of air, while the cooling function is only activated when the ambient temperature dictates so. Your members will love it, and your accountant will approve too!

Cost-effective cooling for educational institutions

Vent-Tech designs and installs school cooling systems that simultaneously resolve many of the challenges faced in educational environments.

High temperatures cause students and staff discomfort, but refrigeration-based air conditioning systems can be costly to install and run. Additionally, they re-circulate stale air which exacerbates drowsiness. Air conditioning systems also have a significant carbon impact, which schools and colleges are keen to minimise, particularly if they are teaching students about environmental issues.

Eco cooling solutions for schools and colleges

Our school eco cooling solutions offer significant advantages compared to refrigeration-based air conditioning:

  • Effective cooling at a fraction of the cost
  • A constant supply of fresh, cool air
  • Massive energy savings of more than 85%, and reduced carbon impact
  • Doors and windows can be left open as desired
  • Simple solutions for very large spaces

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To understand if Vent-Tech could provide a cost-effective cooling system for your offices, gym or school please give us a call on 0117 964 7945 or fill in the contact form.

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