Fire Damper Testing Services

If a fire breaks out and gets into your ventilation system are you confident that your fire dampers are in satisfactory condition to fulfil this vital safety role?

Following the enactment of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, employers have a legal responsibility for maintaining their fire safety systems. Vent-Tech can help you to do this by offering both fire damper testing and remedial work services.

What are fire dampers?

Fire dampers are shutters installed within the ducting of general ventilation systems. In the event of a fire in the ducting, the fusible link on the shutter melts and releases the spring loaded damper. This helps to prevent the spread of fire through the building’s ductwork.

Fire dampers are normally located where a duct passes through a fire separation wall (normally above false ceilings) and through floors.  Many people are not aware that fire dampers are even present in their systems.

What is involved in fire damper testing?

Fire damper testing comes under the legal requirement for all fire safety systems to be tested annually and professionally maintained. This will help to ensure the safety of the buildings occupants. Fire damper testing should include fire damper cleaning, lubrication, drop testing and resetting, to ensure they are in good working order.

BS 9999:2017 states that: “Arrangements should be made for all fire dampers (both automatic and manual) to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at least annually, and to be repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually, and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution.


How we can help?

By contacting Vent-Tech for professional fire damper testing and maintenance services you are taking your first step to ensuring that your fire dampers are playing a crucial role in your building’s fire safety system. The difference between a well maintained, fully functioning fire damper and poorly maintained, partially working fire damper could mean the difference between life and death should a fire break out.

Vent-Tech’s experienced engineers are recognised as competent testers and provide you with tailored expert advice.

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