ESTA Dustomat 4

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This well tried equipment range, which is now in its fourth generation of technology and design, has undergone significant further development. The new mobile DUSTOMAT 4 dust extractors feature more suction power and greater energy efficiency. In practice, this means increased performance with less electrical power and compressed air consumption.

The range of applications still covers the majority of process areas in which the removal of undesirable dusts and chips is required. Regardless of whether metal, plastic, composite, wood or a wide range of other dry materials are being processed.

The new DUSTOMAT 4 dust extractor generation is equipped with efficient IE2 motors that achieve a high degree of efficiency in combination with the powerful impellers.

The innovative ventilator housing is designed in accordance with the latest state of fluidics technology, and provides optimum airflow. Thanks to the intelligent control technology, the suction power from this Dust Extractor can constantly be adapted to current requirements of the unit.

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