Geovent Centrifugal Fans

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LSFG/MSFG 146-250 and LSKG/MSKG 280-450

Our centrifugal extraction Fans are produced in sizes from 400m³/h – to 15,000m³/h in the low and medium pressure ranges. The fans are ideal for individual extraction jobs but also for larger central extraction systems.

The low pressure fans have a very low noise level and are used for common room extraction, such as in bathrooms, canteens and slightly contaminated rooms.

The medium pressure centrifugal fans are used for spot extraction from work processes which may generate poisonous steams or gases. An example of suitable use would be for welding fumes and soldering smoke, exhaust extraction and also for grinding and painting extraction.

The fans can be used with or without our unique soundbox-system and all fans are available as spark proof for use in explosive atmospheres.

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