Geovent Geofilter GFX-ATEX - Explosion Proof

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Geovent GFX filter (ATEX Certified) is approved for Category 1, 2 & 3 (dust) making it suitable for dust applications such as aluminum dust, magnesium, flour and more in Zone 20, 21 or 22.

The filter has a filtration efficiency of 99.9% v / 0.3 microns and is cleaned automatically by using shot valves with compressed air. The filter is galvanized and supplied with 25L collection bucket.

A GFX filter comes complete with ATEX control, explosion membrane, spark-proof filter cartridges, ATEX shot valves and full ATEX documentation.

ProductDescriptionFilter AreaMax m 3/h
16-400Geofilter GFX-3-130 m 21800
16-401Geofilter GFX-6-260 m 23600
16-402Geofilter GFX-9-390 m 25400
16-403Geofilter GFX-12-4120 m 27200

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