Geovent GFO Oil Mist Filter

Geovent GFO Oil Mist Filter
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The Geovent GFO Oil Mist filter has a higher airflow (1,200 m³/h) and a higher filtration efficiency (99.9% at 0.3µm) than traditional oil mist filters.

The installation is easily undertaken by a snap lock system.

The GFO is a filter for the effective filtration of extracted air from processes such as CNC lathes, mills and drilling machines.

GEOVENT oil mist filters are available in different versions to suit different needs.
The smaller Geofilter Oil covers the need for cutting machines up to 600 m3/h.

GFO XT has a capacity of up to 14.400 m3/h. per unit. The filters can be connected in parallel to handle larger air flows. The filter cartridge is a polypropylene filter membrane, which tolerates both oil mist,  water-based mists and smoke.

Filtered liquids may be reused in the machinery, thus saving money on liquid consumption.

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