Geovent LSX/MSX ATEX Fan - Explosion Proof

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Geovent LSX/MSX ATEX Fans with forward curving scirocco impeller are as standard supplied with EEx e motors, but can also be supplied with EEx d or EEx de motors.

The typical scope of application is zone 1, zone 2 and zone 22.

The construction is based on standard LSFG/MSFG, but also has the ATEX motor and protection against static and sparks in inlet.

For ATEX applications, where acid proof execution is needed, this can be offered. All plate parts, screws and bolts a.s.o. are supplied in rustproof ANSI 316L and are
subsequently stained. The impeller is either supplied in a special lacquered edition or in ANSI 316L.

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