KIMO MP120 Micromanometer with Pitot Tube (Cost includes calibration)

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This Micromanometer is used to measure the air pressure within ducting  – in order to ascertain the transport velocity of the air.  It is usually used alongside the Kimo LV50 and the Kimo VT50 to measure a system’s performance during an LEV test.

The MP120 is a portable anemo-manometer with an integrated pressure sensor and air velocity calculation.

Functions: Pressure and air velocity measurement with Pitot tube. Supplied with 2 x 1m of silicone tube (black and white), stainless steel tube (6mm width, 100mm length).

It has adjustable climatic parameters, calculation for air velocity with Pitot tube.

Measuring range

Pressure: -1000 to 1000 Pa

Air Velocity: 0 to 40 m/s

The unit cost includes calibration.

Pitot Tube

3mm-200mm£158.00 ex. VAT
6mm-300mm£136.00 ex. VAT
6mm-500mm£152.00 ex. VAT
6mm-800mm£172.00 ex. VAT

Other sizes available on request.

Also available – Magnetic covers £27 excl. VAT, Smoke tube kits, Calibration.


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