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    Your testing obligations under COSHH

    If there is an LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system on your premises then it shows that you are looking to achieve HSE compliance and fulfil your responsibilities in keeping your employees safe. However, just having LEV isn’t enough. Over time, LEV can become less efficient, and without regular cleaning can become a safety risk in itself. At Vent-Tech we can help advise on how often servicing and testing should be carried out, based on your industry and the layout of your business premises. Our expert engineers can also drive out to your business and carry out testing and servicing for businesses in Bristol, and beyond.

    UK regulation states that all LEV systems should be tested and have a Thorough Examination once every 14-months. For many industries it should be more often than this. If you are unsure when your last LEV test was then this is information that needs to be found out, for your own safety and the safety of your employees. With the LEV testing vault, we can help you keep all your test results and other documentation all together digitally in one place. This will help you keep on top of things and be able to book upcoming tests at the right time to keep your business safe.

    When booking an LEV test it is important to find a ‘competent’ person. It is okay when trying to find someone to test or service your LEV to request to see their relevant qualifications. For more information about your COSHH testing responsibilities, please click here.

    For LEV testing in Bristol and the surrounding areas by competent and experienced engineers then get in contact with Vent-Tech today.


    LEV System Servicing is Also Required Regularly

    In order to keep your employees safe it is important to not just have your LEV systems tested every 14 months. Regular servicing in-between tests can help to identify things that may go wrong with your system in the future and deal with them before they become more time consuming or expensive to fix. Regular servicing can also identify system problems that may not be visible in your own checks, and means these can be dealt with early, instead of compromising the safety of yourself and your employees. At Vent-Tech we recommend quarterly servicing; if you’re looking for LEV servicing in the Bristol area then give our team of expert engineers a call.

    The Vent-Tech way of servicing is organised, so you don’t have to worry about loss of production.

    COSHH Regulation 9

    COSHH regulation 9 states that plant and equipment including engineering controls must be maintained in:

    • An efficient state
    • Efficient working order
    • Good state of repair
    • A Clean condition

    Why LEV Servicing and Testing in Bristol?

    LEV testing can tell you how your system is performing, but supplementing this with regular LEV servicing is a way to keep up to date with the health and efficiency of your system throughout the year and ensures that your employees are kept safe. It prevents possible illness and potential loss of production in the workplace. With a service package from Vent-Tech we can do the necessary checks, as well as help guide your team through a weekly checklist to help you identify future issues between servicing.

    Find more information on the benefits of LEV System servicing, or find out about the LEV system service packages that Vent-Tech offers. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our experts who can advise you about LEV servicing and testing in Bristol.