Helping you keep your high level surfaces clean from dust and grime

High level surfaces and ducts in commercial premises will naturally require regular cleaning – particularly in environments exposed to dusts and fumes. In sensitive areas such as food preparation zones or production lines, this need becomes even more pressing.

When high-level surfaces and ducts are left to build up dust and other dirt it can present a number of problems for a building and its occupants. These could include a reduction in air quality and heightened fire risk, as well as contributing to general uncleanliness and poor presentation to visitors and employees. In areas where food is prepared, hygiene standards could be driven unacceptably low.

Furthermore, some insurance companies will not authorise damage payments from fires caused by infrequent duct cleaning. This makes the need for regular duct cleaning even more vital for many businesses.

Vent-Tech can help you with both the removal of dust from high levels that are deposited during production processes, and also with duct cleaning.

High level cleaning from Vent-Tech

Taking all of the above into consideration, you’ll see that it is important to apportion some budget annually for the cleaning of high level surfaces and ducts. If you have identified high level surfaces or ducts that need professional cleaning, then contact our team so that we can ascertain how we can help.

High level cleaning requires extra health and safety considerations and specialist equipment when compared to more routine cleaning. Every job will be different.

We will provide you with a competitive quote based upon your work environment, considering, for example, the substances you work with, inspection hatches and general accessibility.

So call our team on 0117 964 7945 today to discuss your exact requirements.

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