Vent-Tech has the LEV servicing package to suit you

Installing an LEV system to remove harmful substances from the working environment is only the start of your responsibilities to your workforce and the HSE.

You also need to make sure it is tested by a ‘competent person’. This is referred to as an LEV test, TExT, TEAT or COSHH test. In addition, you must maintain it properly to ensure it continues to protect your employees. This is where regular servicing comes in.

Vent-Tech LEV servicing packages

Whatever the needs of your company, we have designed an LEV servicing package to suit you. These come as Bronze, Silver or Gold packaged service plans. For large organisations, we can create a plan bespoke to you.

The Bronze package

This is either a one-off Thorough Examination and Test, or a three-year testing contract with a fixed rate. It is suitable for companies who already have the expertise onsite to service their equipment, but want an independent company to undertake their LEV testing and recommend any remedial action. Your test will be carried out by experienced, BOHS-qualified engineers. It will include the supply of the report to HSG258 standards. We will also store a copy of your report for five years, as is required by the HSE.

The Silver package

This is a three-year package with prices agreed up front. It includes your LEV testing and servicing (excluding replacement parts and labour required for fixes) for the three-year period. We also store your LEV documents securely for you in our online LEV vault. In this package, Vent-Tech engineers will visit your premises quarterly to check your systems. We will also provide you with a weekly LEV check sheet and, if requested, train your staff in how to carry out weekly LEV checks.

Under the Silver package we guarantee to respond with a plan for remedial action within 24 hours if something goes wrong with your equipment between services.

The Gold package

This gives you everything that the Silver package provides (including the 24-hour action plan guarantee), plus the supply of replacement parts and labour associated with normal wear and tear. It is our most comprehensive package offering the greatest peace of mind to our customers.

Do you want the reassurance that your LEV system is running as it should be, protecting your employees, and meeting your legal obligations? Then give us a call on 0117 964 7945 or drop us an email on to discuss the packages.

Bespoke LEV service plans from Vent-Tech

Did you know we create bespoke servicing plans for large organisations? For some of our clients who have multiple LEV systems, we have an engineer onsite two to three days a week.

If you need this level of service, we will do the following:

  • Complete an initial survey of your system which takes account of your processes, the workplace, the operators and procedures. We will identify any design flaws, and/or remedial work that is necessary to get the system working effectively and legally compliant so it passes its test.
  • Build a work schedule of which systems are fully-functioning and which require repair or improvements. This gives you an accurate picture of what needs doing now and in the future (e.g. filter changes in six months) which helps with planning. If any of your systems were failing and you were visited by HSE, this work schedule will serve as a plan of action. This means that you will avoid the 21 days’ notice to action failing systems.
  • Carry out the required LEV servicing and testing. We have clients where we are onsite two to three days a week. Our team make their way around every system ensuring they continuously work as effectively as possible. This gives you peace of mind that, even though you have a large number of systems, they are all kept in working order and will pass their yearly test.

Benefits of bespoke servicing plans to large organisations

  • Avoid unnecessary testing costs: Currently, many companies have their systems tested and the engineer can see instantly that it will fail. They carry out the test, charge for the report, and advise on remedial action which must be undertaken. After this, you must take time to arrange for these fixes to be carried out. Then, they will be required to test again (with the associated cost) to demonstrate that the system is working effectively. Our bespoke servicing takes care of all remedial action before the test, saving you the bother of getting things fixed and the cost of extra testing.
  • Benefit from ongoing advice: We will work with you to advise when’s best to fix current systems, and when a new system design is the better solution.
  • Stay compliant with the HSE: Many organisations think that merely having the annual testing done is sufficient for meeting legal obligations, even if the systems fail. In fact, not acting upon a failed test is just as serious as not having done the test at all. Therefore, it exposes you to risk of prosecution. By having a servicing contract, your systems are monitored and fixed as problems arise, ensuring they do not fail the test.

To discuss setting up a bespoke servicing package for your organisation, call the team on 0117 964 7945 or email

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