This three-day course outlines the main principles of occupational hygiene. You will learn how understanding occupational hygiene is fundamental for anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling hazards that can occur in the workplace.

Gain knowledge and understanding of:

1. The role of the occupational hygienist and the importance of occupational hygiene.

2. The variety of hazards [both physical and chemical] in the work environment.

3. The techniques used to identify hazards.

4. The routes and sources of exposure.

5. Hazard assessment, exposure evaluation and the measurement processes;

6. How to manage exposure.

7. The management of occupational hygiene programmes.


There are no prerequisites for this introductory course.

Who should attend:

You should attend this course if you:

  • Are a health and safety
  • Are an occupational health specialist (including a physician or nurse).
  • Are an LEV system designer
  • Are a specialist in subjects such as: acoustics, ergonomics, human factors, occupational psychology, work organisation, biosafety, acoustics, engineering, or analytical chemistry.
  • Are considering progressing through the BOHS P600 series of LEV training courses towards the award of Certificate in Operational Competence (Control).
  • Want to gain a broad appreciation of how your role interfaces with other professions over health issues in the workplace.


There are 20 short answer ‘open book’ questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

You will be required to write short answers of varying length. Some questions may require multiple answers. Some questions may require calculations.


As well as being at the other end of the phone for one-off questions, we offer comprehensive post-training delegate support and guidance. This is available if you have successfully passed your W201 exams, and would like ongoing guidance on the application of the knowledge gained during the course in your workplace. Please contact us for costs.

Commitment to success:

At Vent-Tech we are dedicated to ensuring you complete your studies and have an excellent pass rate. However, if you do not pass first time, we will offer re-attendance of the course free of charge*

*T&C’s apply

Resits can be arranged if necessary.