LEV Vault

All your LEV Documents in one place

Can you quickly and easily lay your hands on all your LEV documentation including...

  • LEV system design
  • Commissioning reports
  • LEV reports
  • LEV log books

What would happen if the HSE suddenly knocked on your door and asked to see any or all of the above? 

We can take away the administrative pain of storing your LEV documents by keeping all your documents in one easily accessible place, with the introduction of our LEV Vault.

LEV Vault Features

  • On-line secure storage of all your LEV documentation
  • Accessible via login from the Vent-Tech site
  • All documentation can be accessed from wherever you might be - all you need is an internet connection
  • Option to add your documentation even where Vent-Tech has not produced the reports

Secure login

Access to the LEV Vault is protected by a customer specific secure login. Secure logins only provided to select individuals and not shared with anyone else.


As part of our commitment to making our customer's lives as easy as possible we offer our clients their own LEV vault for a low yearly fee and will upload all their documentation from us as part of the service.

To make sure you have the right LEV documentation and that it is always accessible, just give us a call on 0117 971 2163 or drop us an e mail to find out more about LEV Vault from Vent-Tech.