Benefits of servicing your LEV system

We are sometimes asked why companies should be getting their LEV systems serviced on a regular basis, when they are already getting them tested on a yearly basis which would flag any issues.

The nearest equivalent we can come up with is a parallel with MOT's and servicing for cars. While the MOT (like your COSHH Test) will flag issues with a car once they have occurred, regular servicing will hopefully help to flag any problems before they become issues and potentially you are prevented from driving it if it fails the test.  There is also the small matter of the fact that by law your LEV system must be properly maintained.

Benefits of regular servicing of your LEV equipment

  1. Your system is less likely to break down - which can in turn lead to expensive downtime where manufacturing processes cannot take place because they are too dangerous without properly functioning extraction.  
  2. Your system will run more efficiently - as filters or ductwork become blocked up with dust they will become less efficient. This would be spotted with regular servicing so filters can be replaced or ductwork cleaned before they start to affect the efficiency of the system.
  3. The equipment is more likely to pass its 14 monthly Thorough Examination and Test (TExT). Just as garages will often recommend you carry out a service on your car before the MOT so it is more likely to pass, the same applies for servicing ventillation systems before the TExT.
  4. You protect your employees better.  Actually we think this should be number 1 in the list - not just because you have a moral and legal responsibility to protect your employees from harm, but also because having employees off down to occupational illness costs businesses money. According to the HSE, in 2014/15, 23.3 million days were lost due to work-related ill health in the UK with an average of 19 days per employee affected. They estimate the economic cost of this at £9.4 billion - or £18,700 per case (this cost is borne by a combination of the employee themselves, business and the government). If your business is not protecting your employees properly then you could have a number of members of staff affected, so the cost of an LEV system are likely to be cheap in comparison. We would also add that these costs don't include where an employee has sued a company - in one recent case we know of, a company settled out of court for £400,000 for one employee.
  5. Your system will continue to be covered by your warranty and also your insurance.  Your warranty will be invalidated if your system is not serviced regularly and recent developments also suggest that your insurace company may not cover you if you are found to be in 'material breach of the law' - which as a company you will be if you aren't maintaining your system properly.

We would recommend that servicing be undertaken on a quarterly basis, with visual checks (which we can train your team to make) in between.

Vent-Tech offers a number of servicing packages - the details of which can be found here.