Approved LEV Training Courses from Vent-Tech


Employers have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their staff by law.

As part of this role they or someone they nominate needs to ensure that the employees are not exposed to hazardous substances (such as dust, fumes or vehicle exhaust). This  person needs to understand where the risks lie and how to control them - and this is where our LEV Training Courses come in.

'I attended the P601 course run by Adrian Sims from Vent-Tech. The course was challenging and intense but it was delivered in an engaging way and I really enjoyed it. Following the course, I feel that I have a much better understanding  of the legislation surrounding the inspection and testing of LEV systems and I would definitely recommend this course to other people'   Mark Williams, Section Engineer, Engineering Services, The Royal Mint

BOHS approved courses 

Vent-Tech are currently the only LEV installation company in the UK also authorised to run BOHS training courses.  These courses are viewed by the HSE as key elements in securing basic competence in LEV.

The suite of courses cover different areas, and currently we are running the below courses, so please do contact us either by phone or by using the 'training' option on the form to the right if you are interested in attending.  

Public course dates are listed below where we have them upcoming, but we also run a lot of in-house training, so please give us a call to discuss.

P600 - Methods for Testing the Performance of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems.

Next public P600 course: 

  • 26th July 2018
  • 8th October 2018
  • 10th December 2018

​Price for public courses: £250.00 + BOHS Exam Fee of £65.00 ex VAT

This course provides practical knowledge to enable the student to identify and correctly use appropriate flow visualisation and measurement techniques to test the performance of local exhaust ventilation systems. 

This is a one day course. 

Payment accepted by bank transfer or credit card.


P601 - Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Next public P601 courses:  

  • 31st July - 3rd August 2018
  • 9th - 12th October 2018
  • 11th - 14th December 2018

In-house courses are also available.

Price for public courses: £945+ BOHS exam fee (currently £200 + VAT). 

Additional 1 days maths revision course available (£250 + VAT) on the Monday of the course for those who would like to brush up on their maths pre the course.

​Payment accepted by bank transfer or credit card.

This course looks at the principles of good control practice for hazardous substances and the role of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems. It then goes on to look at how to test any installed LEV systems and how to go about remedying any faults discovered.

This is a 4 day course (or 5 with the maths option).

'The P601 course I attended last week was excellent. Adrian was a great host and explained everything really well. There was lots of information over the 3 days (with the exam on the 4th Day) and the content was informative and interesting and will be extremely useful to me at the Royal Mint where I will be undertaking some testing of systems myself going forward. I would add that the venue was also very comfortable and the lunches good, so all in all a very good experience.'

Paul Hurley, Engineering Services, The Royal Mint

'I found the P601 course I attended at Vent-Tech both informative and enjoyable. The teaching was clear, well explained, easy to follow and at a good pace - and I have come out feeling confident about both the technical and health and safety requirements when checking the performance of ventilation systems. Some of the members of the Vent-Tech team were also present at the training I attended and I found to the whole team to be extremely helpful and would not hesitate to recommend both the course and the team at Vent-Tech both within my company, but also to anyone else looking for expertise in the field.'

Gareth Priest, Account Manager, Vector Air and Water Ltd.

P602 - Basic design principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation systems

Next public P602 courses:

  • 10th - 13th September 2018

Price: £945+ BOHS exam fee (currently £165 + VAT). 

​Payment accepted by bank transfer or credit card.

Attendees to this course should have either previously passed a P601 course or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

This course covers the main elements of an LEV system and how to design basic LEV systems that will be capable of adequately controlling the identified hazards. It also covers the commissioning process - as well as how to check whether a local exhaust ventilation system is effective and operating to the design specification. 


P603 - Control of Hazardous Substances - Personal Protective Equipment

Next public P603 course: 

  • 21st - 24th January 2019

Price: £595 ex VAT + BOHS Exam fee £130 ex VAT

The P603 gives you a basic understanding of the types of control measures available for hazardous substances in the workplace. It helps you gain an understanding of the methodology, theoretical and practical knowledge you need to develop, organise and implement a successful personal protective equipment programme at your place of work.

P604 - Performance Evaluation and Management of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Next Public P604 course:

  • Please email for dates.

​Price: £1265 ex VAT + BOHS Exam fee £170 ex VAT

P604 is an advanced proficiency module on the performance and management of LEV systems spanning four days. Its creation was requested by the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers and it was designed in conjunction with them.   You will develop a detailed understanding of the commissioning process to be undertaken to prove the effectiveness of LEV systems.


W201 - Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene. 

Next public W201 course: 

  • 12th - 14th November 2018

​Price: £945 + BOHS exam fee (currently £100 + VAT). 

This course looks at recognising, evaluating and controlling hazards found in the workplace, so is a good starting point for understanding where the risks might be and how to minimise them. 


'The training was very useful and whilst technical it was delivered in such an engaging way that it was also very interesting. Adrian did an excellent job of targeting the training so it met the needs of everyone in the room even though they were from a wide range of backgrounds. The knowledge he demonstrated about system design means that not only would I recommend this training highly to other people, I would also have no hesitation in pointing our clients in his direction if they needed LEV system design or testing'

Dr Graham Newport, Safety Management Ltd.


If you have a requirement now for the above LEV courses, do please get in touch and we can discuss the options available to you.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular question you need answering, or just want some advice, please call us on 0117 964 7945.


Please note: We reserve the right to cancel any course up to 7 days prior to the course start date.