Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing – The Vent-Tech Approach

What We Do

We understand the HSE approach and carry out all Local Exhaust Ventilation testing thoroughly and in full accordance with the current HSE guidance. All tests are conducted by BOHS P601 (Testing) and P602 (Design) qualified Vent-Tech engineers in full compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

When conducting LEV testing, as part of our nationwide service we will:

• Assess all the exposure risks and carry out a full inspection of your system, including filters, fan belts and ducting
• Produce and issue to you an H&SE compliant report, including photographs and recommendations on any "issues" found
• All reports come with recommendations to rectify any failing systems and breakdown of required costs
• Provide a weekly LEV check sheet and provide training (if requested) in carrying out weekly LEV checks
• Hold an electronic copy of your COSHH LEV report for five years (as required by the H&SE under their COSHH LEV requirements)
• All Vent-Tech engineers are members of ILEVE for your peace of mind

Our P604 qualified Engineers can sort your Commissioning for you

If you don't have your original commissioning documents, then please call us,  our P604 qualified engineers can retro commission your systems to bring you into compliance with COSHH regulations.


Maintaining Safety in Your Factory or Workshop

We recommend that to help ensure your equipment sails through the COSHH test and operates efficiently throughout the year, you consider taking out one of our service packages - which for not much more than the cost of a yearly COSHH test maintains:

• Ductwork conditioning
• Mechanical integrity e.g. corrosion, damage, seals etc..
• Cleanliness of hoods etc
• Operation of monitors
• Provides replacement filters after 2 years (gold package)
• Ensures your LEV logbook is up to date
• And much more besides....

If you would like to hear more about how Vent-Tech can help you ensure that your exhaust ventilation systems are running safely and effectively, please call us on 0117 9712163 or fill in the form on the right.