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Dusts, fumes, and pollutants in the air are responsible for around 13,000 workplace deaths a year in the UK alone, as well as an estimated 14,000 new cases of respiratory ailment brought about from poor workplace conditions. As a business owner or responsible person on the premises it is natural that you will want to make sure that your workforce is kept healthy, for moral, economic, and legal reasons. The answer to preventing air quality related workplace hazards is LEV!

At Vent-Tech we are industry experts in LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) and all things dust and fume. With over two decades of experience we have helped an abundance of businesses in an array of industries to help keep their employees and customers safe. 

If you need a completely new LEV system and are not sure where to start, Vent-Tech can help. We believe in an all-encompassing service which is able to assist businesses from consultations through to design and installation, as well as subsequent testing and maintenance, or even troubleshooting if something were to go wrong down the line. 

Even if it’s not a full, new LEV system that you are looking for, Vent-Tech can help. Whether you’re the newly appointed responsible person for LEV, or if you’re just noticing issues with how your current system is running then just give one of our expert engineers a call and we can get your business running safely and ensure HSE compliance

Vent-Tech is paving the way for safer workplaces; we are BOHS approved, ILEVE partners, and members of the BESA among other respected bodies. What we do is built strongly in research, so if you have an LEV issue without a pre-existing solution, we can look into it to develop a bespoke and researched answer. Get in touch with our team today to raise any LEV concerns you may have.

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With over a decade of operational experience, Vent-Tech has an impressive list of satisfied clients.
Our independence allows us to select from a number of preferred industrial ventilation and evaporative
air cooling suppliers, so we deliver the ultimate design and installation for every job we tackle.