Find out about the Team at Vent-Tech

Vent-Tech was formed in 2001 and has successfully developed into one of the UK's leading dust and fume extraction companies.

We specialise in ensuring the environment within which your staff operate is safe and comfortable by offering the following:

  • Design and installation of industrial dust and fume extraction systems to protect your employees
  • COSHH testing existing systems to ensure that they comply with health and safety regulations
  • General ventilation systems
  • Evaporative cooling systems

Our engineering team is made up of the following valued members. You can also find out a little more about the team's experience and qualifications here:

Photo of Adrian Sims, Director

Adrian Sims: Director

  • Experience: LEV Design Engineer, Consultant and as Managing Director founded the company in 2001
  • Responsible for: Everything.
  • Favourite Project: All of them!
  • Likes: Rugby, rock-climbing, canoeing – sport in general.
  • Dislikes: Mushrooms and fish.
Colin Radforth: LEV Testing and Commissioning Manager

Colin Radforth: LEV Testing and Commissioning Manager

Experience: Joined Vent-Tech in April 2015.  Previously a policeman for 18 years

Responsible for: LEV Testing and Commissioning. Managing technical team.

Favourite ProjectHMS Sultan - his first commissioning job.

Likes: All sport, live music, drawing cartoons

DislikesBeing late, laziness, letting people down


Photo of Jose Reyes, Office Manager

Jose Reyes: Office Manager

Experience: More than 10 years as H&S consultant/CDM co-ordinator.  

Responsible for: Production of Building Manuals, Home User Guides, and IRMA Reports

Likes: Running, technology and music

Dislikes: Pineapple on pizza and waiting for people

Picture of Fiona

Fiona Moss: Customer Support and Marketing

Experience:  Joined Vent-Tech in November 2015.  Previous experience in customer service for 15 years and marketing for 8 years. 

Responsibilities: Continued engagement with clients.

Likes: Talking and wine tasting. 

Dislikes: Cyclists and cold callers. 

Tiana Rosser, Design Installation Engineer

Tiana Rosser: Design Installation Engineer

Experience: Started working with Vent-Tech late November 2014

Responsible for: Designing industrial ventilation systems and quotations.

Favourite Project: Coca Cola

Likes: Travelling/Backpacking/Camping, clay modelling, woodworking and country music.

Dislikes: Impoliteness, boredom and fish.

James Gould, LEV Tester and Installation

James Gould: LEV Specialist

Experience:  James joined Vent-Tech in 2006

Responsible for: Installations, surveys, commissioning, LEV testing etc.

Favourite Project: Newquay Fire Station, G24i and RNLI.

Likes: Rugby, Gym, DIY, music and kick boxing.

Dislikes: Politics and skinny jeans.

Joe Buckley, assistant design engineer

Joe Buckley: Assistant Design Engineer

Experience: Joined in October 2015 - straight from studying aerospace engineering at Swansea University

Responsible for: Works on the servicing side of the business. Additional expertise in tea making!

Favourite Project: Ecoburner

Likes: Football, going out, playing and watching sport generally.

Dislikes: Boredom and seafood

Picture of Ashara

Ashara Rosser: PA to Adrian Sims

Experience: Joined Vent-Tech in 2015

Responsibilities: Smooth day-to-day operation of the business and supporting the team. 

Likes: Singing, surfing, and food. 

Dislikes: Buses, crowds and loud eaters.

Photo of Aaron Dare, Installation Engineer

Aaron Dare: Installation Engineer

  • Experience: Joined Vent-Tech in 2012
  • Responsible for: Assisting the installation engineer, preparing tools and equipment for use.  Aaron is qualified with a Level 2 NVQ in Ductwork.
  • Favourite Project: City of Bristol College vehicle extraction.
  • Likes: Cinema, pub and computers.
  • Dislikes: Meringues.
Picture of Josh

Josh Smith: Assistant Design Engineer

Experience: Joined Vent-Tech April 2016 and studied product design technology

Responsibilities: Quotation and CAD

Likes: Gym, cycling, going out and rugby

Dislikes: City traffic, lateness and ignorance

Picture of Ben

Ben Williams: Assistant Design Engineer

Experience: Master's in Mechanical Engineering

Responsibilities: Manage the online shop and direct sales

Likes: Playing football and watching sport

Dislikes: 'Pathetic' handshakes

Picture of Harry

Harry Lampert: Assistant Design Engineer

Experience: Joined Vent-Tech September 2016 after completing a degree in Mechanical Design

Responsibilities: Producing 3D solid works drawings of systems

Likes: Sport, going out and live music

Dislikes: Bad jokes, queuing and loud people on public transport

Picture of Vinny

Vinny Molloy: LEV Test Engineer

Experience: Almost 5 years in the LEV industry. Specialising in testing and design. 

Responsibilities: Testing & commissioning as well as carrying out site surveys for deisgn and quotation.

Favourite Project: AMG Super Alloys. I enjoyed being involved from fault finding at testing stage to problem solving at survey and design stage right through to quotation.  

Likes: Problem solving, sport and going on holiday. 

Dislikes: That scenario in a restaurant when you specifically asked for something to not be included and they ignore it.

Picture of Matt

Matt Woodington: Site Engineer

Experience: Joined Vent-Tech in 2015

Responsibilities: Trainee installation, testing and servicing engineer.

Favourite Project:  Johnsons Basingstoke.

Likes: Football and chicken nuggets.

Dislikes: Vegetables.