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Dust and fume extraction is so much more than a box ticking exercise


We firmly believe that dust and fume extraction is more than just a health and safety compliance process. According to the HSE, an estimated 13,000 people die each year from past workplace exposure, and there are 14,000 new cases of breathing and lung problems every year. Getting dust and fume extraction right saves lives.

Therefore, we are not only determined as a company to operate to the highest possible standards, but also to drive the industry forwards. Adrian, our managing director sits on the board of ILEVE (the Institute of LEV Engineers) and the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) Ventilation Committee and LEV Committee. He is currently working with the HSE on an LEV awareness project to be delivered to Chambers of Commerce across the UK.

If you want the best LEV advice, training, installation and maintenance, get in touch with Vent-Tech today.

A one-stop-shop for all your dust and fume extraction requirements

The expertise we have built within Vent-Tech means that we truly can offer everything you may need under one roof when it comes to LEV systems. Furthermore, because each service we offer complements the others, the quality of what we deliver – whether it’s training, installation or testing – is second to none.