Why Choose Vent-Tech for LEV?

We firmly believe that dust and fume extraction is more than just a health and safety compliance process.

According to the HSE, there are around 12,000 lung disease deaths a year in the UK linked to past exposures at work, as well as an estimated 19,000 new cases of respiratory ailment brought about from poor workplace conditions. As a business owner or responsible person on the premises it is natural that you will want to make sure that your workforce is kept healthy, for moral, economic, and legal reasons.

The answer to preventing air quality related workplace hazards is LEV!

At Vent-Tech we are industry experts in LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) and all things dust and fume. With over two decades of experience, we are committed to making workplaces safer. We are not only determined as a company to operate to the highest possible standards, but also to drive the industry forwards. Our Managing Director, Adrian Sims, sits on the board of ILEVE (the Institute of LEV Engineers) and the BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) ventilation committee and LEV committee. He is currently working with the HSE on an LEV awareness project to be delivered to Chambers of Commerce across the UK.

Research is a very important to us, so even if you have an LEV issue without an existing solution, we have the expertise and resources to find a solution. Our engineers are well known in the industry for designing solutions where other LEV installers have struggled.

Not only are we experienced in designing, installing and testing LEV systems, but we are also a BOHS approved training partner, and the only LEV installation company permitted to deliver the BOHS training courses.

If you need a completely new LEV system and are not sure where to start, Vent-Tech can help. We believe in an all-encompassing service which is able to assist businesses from consultation through to design and installation, as well as subsequent testing and servicing, or even troubleshooting if something were to go wrong down the line.

Whether you’re the newly appointed responsible person for LEV, or if you’re just noticing issues with how your current system is running then contact us today and we can get your business running safely and ensure HSE compliance.

Vent-Tech is paving the way for safer workplaces; we are BOHS approved, ILEVE partners, and members of the BESA among other respected bodies. Quite simply, we are experts in all things LEV.

Unparalleled LEV experience and qualifications

Our managing director, Adrian Sims, leads from the front. He was the first person in the country (and one of only 3 in the world) to hold the Certificate of Competency (Control) in LEV and the BOHS’s Faculty of Occupation Hygiene’s Specialist Member Grade for LEV. But far from being satisfied with these accolades, we think this should become the industry standard that organisations should seek when choosing an LEV delivery partner. We anticipate that this will one day be the case.

Keen to drive up standards across the industry, Adrian regularly lectures on BOHS courses and is a member of the ILEVE steering committee. He has been heavily involved in developing ILEVE including chairing the industry-wide competency committee.

Vent-Tech’s expertise runs far deeper than Adrian’s stand-out credibility. Our competent engineers hold the industry recognised BOHS qualifications together with the relevant experience to carry out the required LEV work. So, whether you are choosing us for installation, maintenance, or training, you can rest assured that we have the skills and knowledge to ensure you get the correct advice to enable you to make the right decision and keep people safe.


We work to standards where LEV systems control to 1/10th of WEL or as low as physically possible. Unfortunately, not all LEV engineers do, and we urge you to ensure you choose a supplier who does.

If everyone worked to these standards, and all engineers were competent in designing and installing LEV systems, UK occupational health would be transformed. We would not see the thousands of deaths each year that occur due to exposure to substances such as silica, diesel engine exhaust and mineral oils.

We are lobbying to introduce these as consistent standards across the board. Until that time, we advise that for the safety of your workforce you choose an LEV company with appropriate qualifications and experience who will work to the highest standards.

Any short-coming in an LEV system jeopardises the health of workers. So if you want a company that is totally committed to delivering the best LEV consultation, installation and servicing services, choose Vent-Tech.



A one-stop-shop for all your dust and fume extraction requirements

The expertise we have built within Vent-Tech means that we truly can offer everything you may need under one roof when it comes to LEV systems. Whether you need a full LEV redesign and installation, or just need some advice on a specific issue our expert engineers can help. Furthermore, because each service we offer complements the others, the quality of what we deliver – whether it’s training, installation or testing – is second to none.

If you have any LEV related issue, big or small, then get in touch with our team today and we can help to solve it.

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