Occupational Health BBC Radio Interview – Are you making your Employees Ill?

June 1, 2016

Could their work be making your team ill?

Adrian Sims (our MD) will be discussing occupational ill health with Dr Phil Hammond on his regular Saturday morning show from 9-12am on BBC Radio Bristol on 16th January. Listen in to discover if the work you are doing could be making you or your employees ill and what your company should be doing about it.

They will be discussing the types of occupational ill health caused by different industrial processes – e.g. what are the risks associated with working with wood or welding?  Why is even seemingly innocuous bread flour so bad for you when it’s in huge quantities?

With recent HSE figures showing that 1.2 million people in the UK are suffering from work-related illnesses – including occupational asthmas & cancers amongst others – they will also be looking at the cost (financial and otherwise) to employers, the NHS and the country as a whole.