S3 Twickenham Expo

January 1, 2012

Vent-Tech were recently invited to exhibit our data centre cooling systems at the very popular S3 Expo held at Twickenham on 23rd March 2011. This was fantastic event hosted by S3 Ltd (Solid State Solutions) aimed at Data Centre managers and IT Specialists from a wide range of industry and public sectors. During his presentation detailing the benefits of swapping from traditional energy hungry air-conditioning (CRAC) systems to the low carbon, energy efficient, evaporative cooling (CREC) systems for data centre cooling, Mark Smith, Technical Director at S3 summed up by saying “well, why wouldn’t you?”. We agree. With potential energy savings of up to 90%, most CREC systems have a pay back period of 18 months. With energy prices constantly on the rise now is the time to swap from high cost high maintenance CRAC systems to the low carbon low maintenance CREC systems. We would like to thank all the staff at S3 especially Stacey, Mark & Russell for allowing us to exhibit at the event.