What is a Building Manual?

April 25, 2016

We now have a site dedicated to our Building Manuals side of the business which can be found here

A Building Manual is much like a user guide you’d receive for a washing machine, but on a much larger scale.

A Building Manual is required on any commercial construction project, and the preparation of the file is the responsibility of the Main Contractor whom is constructing a new building, or refurbishing an old. With the assistance of the design team, and the set of sub-contractors, the project information is gathered to produce a set of technical files for presentation to the client upon completion of the works.

This helps the client to operate and maintain the equipment and systems that have been installed during the project.

What is included:

  • A description of the main design principles.
  • Details of the building’s construction
  • As-built drawings and specifications.
  • Instructions for its operation and maintenance
  • An asset register of plant and equipment.
  • Commissioning and testing results.
  • Guarantees, warranties and certificates.
  • Particular requirements for demolition, decommissioning and disposal.

Building Maintenance

Over the life of the buildings, the Building Manual may be developed to reflect changes that have taken place to the fabric of the building or its systems.

The Building Manual may also include a non-technical ‘Building User’s Guide’ with information for users about environmental controls, access, security and safety systems.

Our Service

We at Vent-Tech Limited have years of experience in helping main contractors produce Building Manuals on a wide range of construction projects nationwide; freeing up the main contractor to concentrate on the project in hand, and delivering the required file in paper or disk form for project completion and handover.

For more details about the service we offer, give us a call on 0117 971 2163.