Is the Health and Safety Executive knocking on your door?

December 1, 2014

If your business processes emit harmful substances you will be aware that you need a system in to control them and that those systems need to be tested on a regular basis.
This potentially can lead to a lot of paperwork in the form of reports, so how prepared would you be if the HSE arrived on the doorstep and knocked on your door?

At Vent-Tech we want to make our client’s lives easier and to this end are launching a solution to help ensure that you would be prepared:

Introducing the LEV Vault

Instead of piles of paperwork or a folder on a PC where no-one ever quite knows where it is or is responsible for it, how would it be if we at Vent-Tech took care of storing all your LEV reports in one place – that you (or others you nominate) could then access easily from wherever you were?

This is the thinking behind the LEV vault which we are launching this week and offering for free (yes that’s free) to all our contracted customers. No contract – don’t worry – other clients will be able to take advantage of it for a fee.

All your LEV compliance documents in one place

Any work we do for you will be uploaded by us to your own password protected area within our website – so you no longer need to worry about where it is. Also if you have reports that we haven’t done for you, then you will have access to upload those too.

The documents we would suggest should be  stored in your client area would include:

  • System design specification
  • Commissioning reports
  • LEV reports
  • LEV log books

All documents can be accessed and looked at directly from the website without the need to download – or if you do want to download then a click of a button and you have a PDF.

If you are a current contracted client we will be in touch shortly to discuss your own LEV vault – or if you’re not currently on a contract, please give us a call and we can discuss the options open to you.

So, in the future, if the HSE comes knocking on the door of our contracted clients and ask to see their LEV documentation, they will be able to smile smugly, click a couple of buttons and say ‘now what exactly would you like to see first?’