ILEVE Partner

Why Should You Work With an ILEVE Partner

January 7, 2022

Why Should You Work With an ILEVE Partner

The Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) is an institute that has been put in place to promote healthy air quality within the workplace in order to reduce occupational hazards associated with airborne contaminants in the workplace. At Vent-Tech we are pleased to be the first ILEVE partner company, with our engineers carrying ILEVE competency cards.

What Does it Mean to be an ILEVE Partner

In order to become an ILEVE partner a company needs to be committed to increasing standards within the LEV sector. An ILEVE partner company will also need to prove their competency and have the necessary insurance in place to undertake LEV installations and maintenance. 


To be eligible to be an ILEVE partner there is also a minimum standard that must be achieved which are outlined in the following:

At Vent-Tech our commissioning engineers meet the standard needed for ILEVE and pursue higher levels of training and experience in their field. 


As ILEVE members, all our engineers hold the ILEVE competency card which details how many of the five modules they have expertise in. The areas of expertise you can expect from an ILEVE member are the following:

  • Principles of Occupational Hygiene
  • Commissioning
  • Installation Management
  • System Design
  • Thorough Examination and Test


What are the Benefits of Working With an ILEVE Partner

By working with an ILEVE partner company you can be sure that you are working with competent LEV engineers who can keep you and your employees safe. You can also be sure that the company’s insurance is up to date and applicable for the work being carried out. All members not only have at least 2 years of LEV experience but will also have completed BOHS courses.


Working with an ILEVE partner company like Vent-Tech means that you can be assured that your workplace gets an expertly designed LEV system, or the best in LEV maintenance which will keep your LEV working efficiently for as long as possible. At Vent-Tech we also provide a high level of aftercare, so if something goes wrong an expert engineer is just a phone call away to talk you through any issues.


At Vent-Tech we are front runners in delivering LEV excellence. As a company we pride ourself on our engineers being highly competent in all aspects of LEV and delivering the best result for our clients, keeping workplaces safe. It is for these reasons that we are the first company partner of the ILEVE. Contact us today for more information about how we can improve the safety of your workplace.