LEV tests and new installation for a print company.


Image Factory based in Chippenham prints builds and distributes point of sale materials.

Following an HSE audit, Image Factory discovered there were new regulations about ventilation which they were previously unaware of.

A Google search led to them contacting Vent-Tech who was able to explain exactly what they needed to have in place to meet the aforementioned HSE regulations.

Vent-Tech then completed a site survey of every system to understand Image Factory’s specific LEV needs to help them be compliant with all HSE regulations and provided a report.  Vent-Tech also provided Image Factory with a schedule prioritising which systems needed to be looked at first by judging which systems were more of an infringement of the HSE regulations than others.

The Result

Vent-Tech completed LEV tests on all 5 systems requiring testing – of which two systems failed, and Vent-Tech is currently in the process of providing proposals to remedy these.

Whilst testing those systems, Vent-Tech also identified an urgent need for a new LEV system in the blasting room, so a proposal was put forward for the installation of a system to meet current HSE regulations.  This proposal was accepted and the new system has now been installed and is up and running.

“ We couldn't be happier with the service that Vent-Tech have provided us with. From the very start we could tell that Colin knew exactly what he was talking about and they have made the whole process as straightforward as possible for us. When we had an issue with the installation (which was as a result of a problem our end), Vent-Tech stepped in and helped us remedy it quickly and efficiently even though it was not their problem. Altogether this means I can recommend them without hesitation”

Paul Kilsby, Print Manager, Image Factory