Safely Extract Fumes with Chemical Extraction Systems

Extraction requirements 

The Chemical Industry like the Pharmaceutical Industry involves the use of many hazardous and harmful products where the people using them need adequate protection.  Mainly the risk lies with chemical fumes, but there may also be granules produced requiring dust extraction systems.  Chemicals may also be used in other industries, for example at the Royal Mint.

It is hugely important to work with an experienced company such as Vent-Tech when designing the appropriate chemical extraction systems as there are specific things that need to be considered such as:

1. Use of the correct materials according to the chemicals involved - e.g. plastic, fibre glass or stainless steel
2. Making sure systems are ATEX compliant
3. Using specially designed leak proof ducting to prevent hazardous chemicals escaping

If the system is not designed effectively in the first place it can lead to a myriad of problems in the future - and Vent-tech has had  a number of occasions when they have been called in because other companies have not thought through the full implications when they designed a system for a company that needed chemical by products extracting.


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