What is LEV Commissioning


Commissioning is a legal requirement for all new or modified Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. It offers an initial assessment as to whether the equipment performs as intended in the design. More importantly, it proves that an LEV system is capable of providing adequate control and is an essential first step towards keeping your workforce safe.

Why is an LEV Commissioning Report Important?

At its core, the LEV commissioning report is evidence that the system is working correctly and can provide adequate protection against airborne dust, fumes, and any dangerous particles. The performance readings within, will also act as a benchmark for your regular thorough examination & testing going forward. Any considerable deviations from the performance data recorded in the commissioning report will indicate that there are potential issues that need to be investigated and addressed in order to keep your workforce safe and fulfil your legal obligations.

What is Involved in the LEV Commissioning Process?

Step One: Installation

The first step for commissioning is LEV installation. This must be carried out to the exact specifications of the design by someone / a team that is experienced and competent in doing so.


Step Two: Demonstrating Technical Performance

The LEV system will be tested to make sure that it performs to the design specifications.

There are several testing methods that make up the technical performance assessment. This includes testing the pressures, measuring volume flow rate at test points along the system, measuring duct and capture velocities and documenting fan and motor speed. It is important to keep this technical data safe for future use.

Step Three: Control Effectiveness

Step two proved that the system works as it was designed to, but this alone does not prove that it works for the processes taking place in your workplace. Step 3 demonstrates that the system is capable of adequately controlling the hazards found in your workplace.


Step Four: The Commissioning Report

All the information from the commissioning process is then documented for future use and the system can be deemed either satisfactory or non-satisfactory.

The report will contain an overview of your system, including the location, process description, hazardous substance being controlled, readings taken during commissioning, photographs, schematics, and further details on your system.

Why Choose Vent-Tech For LEV Commissioning

Whether a system installed by Vent-tech or someone else, by trusting Vent-tech to carry out your LEV commissioning, you can be confident that your systems will be commissioned by a competent LEV engineer as mandated by the HSE. As leaders in the industry, we are trusted by a multitude of businesses for all things LEV. We not only carry out LEV work, but we also teach LEV testing fundamentals. Have a look at our regular courses if you want to learn more about how you can become competent to carry out your own in-house LEV testing.

If you want to discuss LEV commissioning, then get in touch with our team today.


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