The LEV Vault - All your LEV documents in one location

If the HSE suddenly knocked on your door and asked to see your LEV documentation, what would happen? Would you have everything you needed to hand?

The Vent-Tech LEV Vault gives you instant access to all your LEV documentation including:

  • LEV system design
  • Commissioning reports
  • LEV reports
  • LEV log books

By keeping all your LEV documents in one accessible location, the LEV Vault takes the stress out of making sure your documents are secure and accessible.

Why use the LEV Vault?

Special features of the LEV Vault:

  • Online, secure storage of all your LEV documentation – Giving you peace of mind that it is stored appropriately.
  • Instant 24/7 access via the Vent-Tech website – Convenient for when you are in a hurry.
  • All your documentation is accessible from any location – Handy if you operate over multiple sites.
  • Option of adding documents that aren’t produced by Vent-Tech – Meaning you really can store everything in one place.

Secure access to the LEV Vault

Your LEV Vault is protected by a customer-specific login that is only provided to select individuals.

We are committed to making your life easier. Therefore, we offer our clients their own LEV Vault for a low yearly cost. As part of this service, we also upload their documentation, ensuring it is stored appropriately from the start.

If you are looking to make sure you have the correct, instantly accessible LEV documentation call the team on 0117 964 7945 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.