BOHS qualifications and training: Why choose Vent-Tech?

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of your staff. Part of this is to have a person responsible for ensuring that employees are not exposed to hazardous substances like dust and fumes. Your nominated person needs to understand the risks and how to control them, and this is where our BOHS training comes in, to help make you an expert in dust and fume extraction.

• We are the only LEV installation company approved to run BOHS training courses, so our trainers can provide unique practical insight whilst delivering your course.
• Using our experience, we teach content outside of the course syllabus including real-world information on inverter drives, commissioning fans and systems, and the testing of different types of system in field conditions.
• We are committed to your success. We offer you a free course attendance if you are unsuccessful at your first attempt.
• You are not alone once you have completed your training. We are always happy to answer your questions, and can offer a mentoring service for customers who require comprehensive one-to-one support.
• Benefit from our very own, in-house training facility by receiving your training in a professional environment.
• We train the whole suite of LEV qualifications culminating in the highest qualification currently available – the Certificate of Competency in Control (CoC).
• We believe strongly in making UK workplaces safer for employees and are committed to raising industry standards.

In-House and bespoke training courses

Want a BOHS training course delivered on your site using your equipment for the practical elements of the syllabus? Find out about our in-house training courses where the learning is tailored to you and your systems.



“The P601 course by Vent-tech was delivered in such a manner as to engage everyone attending. Adrian Sims was very knowledgeable about the subject and passed his knowledge on with ease. His experience certainly shone through without overwhelming anyone. It was well structured to guide you through the topics and embed the information. I attended the course to become an intelligent customer and this course has certainly helped me to understand what I as a customer need to focus on, in reports and from testing companies.”

Nigel Gregson
Maintenance manager

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