Course Overview:

The P601 is a four-day course and is one of four modules designed to make you proficient in working with LEV systems. It will provide the methodology, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills to enable you to undertake thorough examinations and tests of (LEV) systems (TExTs). You must have an LEV Test kit to complete this course.  We provide quotes on parts if required.

There are 4 different elements and it is compulsory to complete all of them to gain a P601 qualification. These are the 4 elements of the course:

  • 4 Day Learning Experience

Knowledge and Methodology of LEV systems and Testing.

  • Written Theory and Practical Exam

This is taken on the last day of the course. We provide the option of completing this online or in person. You will be invigilated during the exam for both options.

  • Formative Practical

This consists of you testing an LEV system and being assessed on this by the Trainer. If you attend in person, the equipment will be provided by the Trainer for you to undertake. If you attend the course online, then you will be required to take a video of yourself testing an LEV system. This means you will need to have access to an LEV system and a Test Kit to use. This can be submitted within 6 weeks of taking the course.

  • 2 LEV Reports

This element is based around workplace systems. You will have to test 2 LEV systems and create a report on the findings. This is usually done once you have completed the Formative Practical and passed your exams. Again, you will need access to 2 different LEV Systems and a Test Kit according to the system you use. You will have up to 3 months from passing the exams to submit these to the BOHS.


Booking must be made two weeks prior to the course date.

Gain knowledge and understanding of:

1. The control practice for hazardous substances and the role of local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

2. How to test previously appraised LEV systems used to monitor exposure to substances that pose a health risk.

3. Ways to create appropriate records of the results of examination and testing – as required by regulation and codes of practice.

4. The principles and the primary elements of an LEV system and how to explain them.

5. How to assess and determine if an LEV system is capable of adequate control of the acknowledged dangers.

6. How to conduct the required measurements safely to determine if an LEV system is functioning effectively and working in the way it was designed to.

7. How to determine if, when a system has not been sufficiently commissioned, it is working properly. This includes whether it controls exposure and working out the operating criteria for continued performance.

8. How to advise appropriate solutions to faults that are discovered.


  • You must have a basic knowledge of the components of ventilation systems and what they do. Completing the P600 course can help you with this. Click here for more details.
  • You need to have a working knowledge of HSG258 Controlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation.
  • You must be able to carry out general mathematical calculations.

Who should attend

You should consider this course if you are any of the following:

  • An engineer
  • A manager
  • A supervisor
  • A member of technical sales staff
  • An LEV technician


Formative practical assessment, written theory exam and written practical exam on the day, and the submission of two LEV testing reports within 3 months of passing the exams.

“ The P601 course by Vent-tech was delivered in such a manner as to engage everyone attending. Adrian Sims was very knowledgeable about the subject and passed his knowledge on with ease. His experience certainly shone through without overwhelming anyone. It was well structured to guide you through the topics and embed the information. I attended the course to become an intelligent customer and this course has certainly helped me to understand what I as a customer need to focus on, in reports and from testing companies.”

Nigel Gregson, Maintenance Manager, Sika Limited


We offer comprehensive post-LEV training delegate support and guidance. You will be part of the Vent-Tech family anyway, so can always call in with a question. If you require more comprehensive support after you have successfully passed your P601 exams, we offer a pay as you go one-to-one mentoring service.

If you have difficulty in accessing any LEV Systems or Test kits, then we provide Mentoring sessions; You are able to spend a day with one of our qualified engineers. They will take you to either one of our client’s sites or join you at yours and provide the Test Kit you will need to test the systems and give tips on how to write your report. It will be an insight into a day for a for a qualified LEV Technician

Maths Refresher

We offer a half day mathematics course a day prior to the P601 course costing £250. You can use this to improve your general mathematical skills before attending the P601 course if you think it may be required.

The element of maths calculations included within the P601 course; we therefore run an additional optional ½ day maths course (priced at £250 + VAT) which runs the afternoon before (on the same day as the P600). This was introduced as the BOHS have seen an increase in candidates who have failed the P601 because they were unable to complete the maths.

Commitment to success:

At Vent-Tech we are committed to ensuring you complete the course. We have an excellent pass rate. Therefore, in the unfortunate circumstance you do not pass, we will offer re-attendance of the course free of charge*

*T&C’s apply

Resits can be arranged if necessary.


Email for all training enquiries.