The IP601 is a four-day course and is one of four modules designed to make you proficient in working with LEV systems. It will provide the methodology, theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable you to undertake thorough examinations and tests of (LEV) systems (TExTs).

The IP601 syllabus differs from the P601 syllabus in that it doesn’t focus on legislation. Instead, it focuses on teaching candidates the best practice methods for testing and examining ventilation systems, based on guidance documents created by internationally- recognised organisations such as ACGIH and HSE.++


Gain knowledge and understanding of:

1. The control practice for hazardous substances and the role of local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

2. How to test previously appraised LEV systems used to monitor exposure to substances that pose a health risk.

3. Ways to create appropriate records of the results of examination and testing – as required by regulation and codes of practice.

4. The principles and the primary elements of an LEV system and how to explain them.

5. How to assess and determine if an LEV system is capable of adequate control of the acknowledged dangers.

6. How to conduct the required measurements safely to determine if an LEV system is functioning effectively and working in the way it was designed to.

7. How to determine if, when a system has not been sufficiently commissioned, it is working properly. This includes whether it controls exposure and working out the operating criteria for continued performance.

8. How to advise appropriate solutions to faults that are discovered.


  • You must have a basic knowledge of the components of ventilation systems and what they do.
  • You need to have a working knowledge of controlling airborne contaminants at work
  • You must be able to carry out general mathematical calculations.

Who should attend:

You should consider this course if you are any of the following:

  • An engineer
  • A manager
  • A supervisor
  • A member of technical sales staff
  • An LEV technician


Formative practical assessment, written theory exam and written practical exam on the day, and the submission of two LEV testing reports within 12 months of passing the exams.


As well as being at the other end of the phone for one-off questions, we offer comprehensive post-training delegate support and guidance. This is available if you have successfully passed your IP601 exams, and would like ongoing guidance on the application of the knowledge gained during the course in your workplace. Please contact us for costs.

Commitment to success:

At Vent-Tech we are dedicated to ensuring you complete your studies and have an excellent pass rate. However, if you do not pass first time, we will offer re-attendance of the course free of charge*

*T&C’s apply

Resits can be arranged if necessary.